ARLINGTON, TEXAS - Manny Pacquiao coasted to his 12th consecutive win and Cowboys Stadium was a big winner tonight in public opinion also as the 51,000 in attendance was the third largest crowd in American boxing history.

Pacquiao, 51-3-2 (38 KO's) of The Philippines, made the first defense of his World Boxing Organization Welterweight Championship (147 lbs.) by virtually shutting out a timid Joshua Clottey, 35-4 (21 KO's) of Ghana in a unanimous 12 - round decision.

Clottey, is just world-class enough to stink the joint out and an offensive marvel such as Pacquiao can't do anything about it, thus having to settle for the lackluster decision in front of fans that were so appreciative world - class boxing was paying it a rare visit that it wasn't going to let the fight ruin its coming out party.

Pacquiao was certainly willing to engage Clottey but Clottey chose not to fight and certainly should see his days of million dollar purses go down the drain.

Local promoter Jerry Jones now has boxing in his blood and boxing's traveling dog and pony show will find its way back to the $1.15 billion stadium again.

Jones had been thinking big but the record turnout and groundswell of national media, local support and the all important contagious fight week buzz all still has to amaze him and have him eager to pounce on another big fight.

In one night Jones, billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys and the new mega stadium, hosted the world's No. 1 pound for pound fighter Manny Pacquiao, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, 51,000 of his new best friends that paid up to $700 a ticket and all in living color on worldwide TV from his Arlington playpen.

It was an auspicious start for Jones, and veteran promoter Arum has to be relieved his new Texas partner didn't take a financial bath his first time out of the box and gives all indications he's going to do this again.

I believe Las Vegas has no choice but to take its medicine and see possibly three to four major fights a year leave the Nevada casinos for Dallas and its southern hospitality.

Of course Las Vegas will put up a fight and Jones will certainly have to overpay for the privilege but he has lots of open dates on his stadium calender to fill.

The fastest way to blow this entire deal is if Arum or any other promoter sells Jones ESPN-level fights or let's just call it what it is - garbage.

Dallas only wants the best.

The fastest way to blow this entire deal is if Arum or any other promoter sells Jones ESPN-level fights or let's just call it what it is - garbage.

Dallas only wants the best.

Author: Matt Stolow



Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey bout just specter of what fans should've received

GRAPEVINE, Tex. - When Manny Pacquiao and Joshua Clottey step into the ring for their 12-round welterweight match at the palatial Cowboys Stadium Saturday, the specter of the fight that should be taking place will hang heavily in the air.

This was supposed to be the night that Pacquiao, the current No. 1 pound-for-pound king, faced off against Floyd Mayweather Jr., the man who held that title before he retired in 2008. The two men were placed on a collision course when Mayweather returned to boxing last year and as Pacquiao steamed through opponents such as Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto.

But the negotiations for that fight fell apart because of Mayweather's insistence on Olympic- style drug testing for himself and Pacquiao and Pacquiao's refusal to agree to random blood testing.

So instead of the bonanza of Mayweather-Pacquiao, boxing fans, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones - who wanted to showcase a major fistic event at his new stadium - are left with Pacquiao-Clottey, something of a consolation prizefight.

Even though Jones, Pacquiao, Clottey and promoter Bob Arum have been talking up the welterweight showdown between the Filipino star and the former IBF welterweight champ from the Bronx by way of Ghana, it is hard to keep Mayweather out of the conversation.

As trainer Freddie Roach was laying out the strategy for how Pacquiao could dismantle the steel-chinned Clottey in the press room at the Gaylord Texan Hotel on Thursday, he was asked if he thought Mayweather-Pacquiao would ever happen.

"I think the fight will happen because he (Mayweather) wants to make Pacquiao money," Roach said. "He can't make it with anyone else. It's a great fight. It's the fight that everybody wants to see. That puts us (boxing) back in the lead of MMA. That's a fight that's good for the sport."

In order for there to be any talk of resurrecting the negotiations for that fight, Pacquiao must first take care of Clottey (35-3, 20 KOs) and Mayweather must defeat Shane Mosley in Las Vegas on May 1.

Those two fights are not layups for either man. Pacquiao (50-3-2, 38 KOs) has to contend with a full-fledged welterweight who might come into the ring weighing as much as a middleweight.

"My guy will weigh in at 147 pounds, but he'll come in at 155 or 160 pounds," said Lenny DeJesus, Clottey's trainer. "He likes to eat, and that's his normal walking around weight."

Pacquiao hit 145-3/4pounds and Clottey 147 at the weigh-in at Cowboys Stadium yesterday.

Roach expects Pacquiao's quickness, speed and confusing attacking angles to be enough to thwart anything that Clottey might bring. And he expects those skills to pave the way for Pacquiao to do something that none of Clottey's other opponents, including Diego Corrales, Zab Judah, Antonio Margarito and Cotto, have done - stop him.

"I think he can stop him," Roach said. "He's got a good chin. But the punch that will get you is the punch you don't see."

Despite the fact that Clottey isn't a household name in boxing, a win would be an impressive one for Pacquiao, who will start campaigning for a seat in congress in the Philippines once the fight is over. And he has talked about retiring, although he hasn't been too specific about the time frame.

There won't be much left for Pacquiao to accomplish in boxing if he can't get Mayweather into the ring. And if Pacquiao loses his race for the congressional seat, there won't be much to do in the Philippines, except enjoy his money and his fame. And that might be enough.

For Clottey an upset victory over Pacquiao could lay the groundwork for greater respect in the welterweight division. He would be in line for a match against the winner of Mayweather-Mosley.

Of all the people connected with this promotion and those who hover above it, Clottey is the one who will receive the biggest bounce if he wins.




Pacquiao-Clottey Back Ground

When the megafight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.came apart over a drug-testing flap in January, the tepid reaction toPacquiao-Clottey was predictable. But just because Saturday's showdown feels like a consolation prize doesn't mean it's not an attractive matchup on its own merit.

The 31-year-old Pacquiao, a global superstar and one of the world's100 most influential peopleaccording toTimemagazine, has already cemented a place in fistic lore with an unprecedented seven world championships in seven weight classes from 112 to 147 pounds. The prevailing view is Saturday's fight is a mere stepping-stone to a pound-for-pound showdown with Mayweather later in 2010.

Clottey, 32, is a talented if not transcendent boxer-puncher. Best known for a series of unlucky outcomes against Cotto, Antonio Margarito and Carlos Baldomir, Clottey's lone signature victory came against a faded Diego Corrales in 2007. He's never been stopped in 38 fights and each of his three losses came against world champions. Hiscontroversial split-decision loss to Cotto seemed to solidify his reputation as a high-risk/low-reward opponent not worth the trouble for anyone hoping for an easy night.

As one of the less glamorous names in boxing's prestige division, the Ghanian has become an easy opponent to dodge. So it came as a surprise when Team Pacquiao chose Clottey as a replacement for Pretty Boy Floyd. "We want to fight the best guys out there because Manny likes challenges and this guy will challenge us."Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's longtime trainer, told in January. "Losing the Mayweather fight, we wanted to give the fans something they'd want to see."

Author: Bryan Armen Graham


3/10/10, Arlington,Texas -- Surrounded by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, seven-time world champion and "Fighter of the Decade" Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao (L) and challenger Joshua Clottey(R) pose during the final press conference Wednesday for their upcoming World Welterweight championship on Saturday, March 13 at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on HBO Pay-Per-View. -- Photo Credit: Chris Farina - Top Rank.

Pacquiao vs Clottey: Who Will Unleash In The Boxing Ring?

The much-awaited fight of Pinoy Boxing King, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will again invade the boxing ring with his fans this coming March 13.

Pacman has scheduled a fight against Ghanian Joshua "Grand Master" Clottey for the WBO welterweight belt at Cowboy's Stadium, Arlington Texas.
The coming fight was supposedly dominated with Mayweather Jr. at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas but was called off because disagreement of both parties to the drug testing protocol.

Manny Pacquiao, reigning already in the world of boxing, have already triumphed over Oscar de la Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Lopez and Miguel Cotto.

Captivating the TKO over Cotto and Hatton, Pacman gained him the py-per-view king and taking 2 million buys combined.

On the other corner, the aggressive No. 1 by the WBO and No. 4 by the World Boxing Association Joshua Clottey has gained the International Boxing Federation (IBF) welterweight title in 2008, beating the three-time world champion Zab Judah.

Also, taking him the wins over two-division world champion Diego Corrales and the undefeated, Richard Gutierrez, unfortunately, never got the chance to win the two of his biggest fights over Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto.

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By Nadine Bacalanco